Phone patience and flexibility pays off!
Posted by: ssbeliever ()
Date: July 06, 2013 06:04PM

I really wanted French Laundry reservations for my birthday in September. I tried calling in the beginning of July (OpenTable doesn't work for September reservations), but gave up once I didn't get past the busy signal at around 10:10am. This is a mistake because I was able to get through today with minimal fuss.

Today (Saturday, July 6), I tried to get a reservation for Friday September 6 but did not think I would be successful because it was a Friday reservation and since today is Saturday, I assumed a lot of people would be calling.

I started calling around 9:50am. By 10:25am I got through to the automated reservation system where you are placed on hold for the next available reservation specialist. By 10:30am I got through to a live person, and when I asked for any reservation for 4 on Friday September 6, she had THREE, two for lunch and one for 9:15pm, which I snagged. By 10:33am I had French Laundry reservations. I did all this by using my own phone (no help from friends), no concierge, no pull & no OpenTable. So it IS possible, just be patient. Good Luck everyone!

Re: Phone patience and flexibility pays off!
Posted by: Phoebe Betts ()
Date: May 19, 2020 05:43AM

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