3 Reservations in 3 days!
Posted by: mccracker ()
Date: November 28, 2011 07:17PM

Two days ago I made a Thursday dinner reservation for 4 people at 5:30 by going to OpenTable.com one night around 11pm. I was just experimenting with the site in preparation for my real reservation day and I did not expect any openings to show up. But amazingly enough, there it was, just sitting there! So I grabbed it because it was two days before the day I wanted and I thought I could use it as a back up.

The next day I checked in with OpenTable.com again around 2pm PST and by chance there was an 11am open reservation for 4 for lunch, the day after my dinner reservation. This was to be my second backup.

I stayed up until midnight PST last night to try and get a Saturday dinner reservation for the day I originally wanted on OpenTable.com, but got nowhere.Then this morning I manned two phones--my cell phone and my land line--and started calling at 9:58 PST. At 10:15 after about 40 calls reaching a busy signal on each phone, I got through to the message recording! Yea! After about 7 minutes on hold the line started ringing. After about 2 or 3 minutes of ringing I got a live person and got the exact date and time I wanted. Totally amazing! It can be done, people.

Re: 3 Reservations in 3 days!
Posted by: ilana ()
Date: December 02, 2011 06:06PM

Is there any chance you want to give someone the thursday reservation?? is it on Dec 22? by any chance?

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